Business Success the Infomercial Way

The web site of direct response marketing (infomercial) giant, Guthy-Renker, lists the company’s 10 Commandments of Management. Regardless of how you feel about those oft-cheesy late-night sales pitches, the company has certainly been successful and these “commandments” are sound. They are:

    1. Thou shalt take risks
    2. Thou shalt make nice with your competitors
    3. Thou shalt pick the right people
    4. Thou shalt have a Rolodex® that is fruitful and multiplies
    5. Thou shalt welcome change
    6. Thou shalt master the multimedia marketplace
    7. Thou shalt join and lead thy trade association
    8. Thou shalt build on thy company’s brand name at all times
    9. Thou shalt not limit thy upside
    10. Thou shalt be prepared to toss out these commandments and start over!

While not groundbreaking, numbers 2, 6 and 8 give me the most to think about. Click here to read the company’s more detailed reasoning behind each one.

P.S. Sorry for all the “Thou shalts,” but that’s the way they wrote it. I think Commandment 11 should be, “Thou shalt stop saying thou shalt!”