Can Apple sell the new iPhone 6 like the old Mac? Tell us what you think with Slidermetrix


We’re all familiar with that classic dilemma, “What do you get the guy who’s got everything?” Well, the question certainly comes to mind when viewing the latest round of iPhone commercials. I mean how do you market something that’s already selling at a record pace (6 million sold in the first weekend and 39 million to date)?

It seems the answer, as far as Apple is concerned, is… by sticking with what brought you here. If you’ve seen the latest iPhone 6 ads, you’ve probably noticed the familiar look and feel. As AdWeek noted, “The brand seems to be calling back to the Get a Mac days of good-natured ribbing.”

Does this formula still resonate with Smartphone customers? We’ve enlisted the help of Slidermetrix to decide. We’ve loaded up the latest iPhone commercials in Slidermetrix and posted them here for you to view and continuously rate. Once you’ve rated each commercial, you’ll get to see how your feedback compares to other viewers—both iPhone and non-iPhone owners. That is, of course, if there are any of those non-iPhone owners left.