CNN and Fox News Feature Perception Analyzer Dial Groups for Democratic Debate

CNN 2015 Dem Debate Perception Analyzer
If you’re wondering what that buzzing sound is that you’ve been hearing lately, well, it’s the national election cycle revving up. Last night kicked it up another notch with the first Democratic debate. CNN and Frank Luntz on Fox News once again featured the Perception Analyzer to “score” the debate and identify the key winning and losing moments for the candidates.

Over the past decade, Perception Analyzer dials have been featured on every major news network to help tell the political stories emanating from major political events–such as the debates and State of the Union Addresses.

CNN assembled their dial testing focus group in Nevada the host state for the debate while Luntz ran his dial group in Florida, considered a swing state for the national election. In both groups, the real-time feedback from the dials revealed a decisive “winning moment” during the debate when Bernie Sanders stated that the American people are tired of hearing about Clinton’s “damn emails.” We’ll be hearing that sound bite for a while.

Here’s a clip of Luntz talking about his dial group results during Fox News’ coverage of the debate last night.

And a few good shots of the dials and results from CNN and Fox News.

CNN 2015 Dem Debate Perception Analyzer 1

Luntz dial group FOX News 2015 Dem Debate

Luntz FOX News 2015 Dem Debate