CNN Revs Up Dial Testing Focus Groups for Presidential Primaries

Presidential Primaries 2016: CNN Perception Analyzer dial testing
With the Iowa Caucuses and New Hampshire Primaries come and gone, the Presidential Primary season is really heating up. As it has for the past 8 years, CNN is running dial testing focus groups, powered by our Perception Analyzer dials and technology, to gauge the real time reactions and opinions of voters to major political events.

CNN dial testing focus groups
Last night, CNN assembled a group of undecided voters in South Carolina (the next stop of the presidential primary tour) to get their moment-to-moment reactions to the candidate’s victory and concession speeches. The groups are run by Dr. Rita Kirk of SMU and Dr. Dan Schill of James Madison University. You can read more about Drs. Kirk and Schill’s work with CNN and their dial testing studies here and follow them on Twitter at @RealTimePolitic.