Contest: What’s Your Dumbwaiter Pitch?

I became intrigued today by Umair Haque’s riff on the HBR blog on the Dumbwaiter Pitch, “What’s the one-word description of your business?” He feels the traditional 30-second “elevator pitch” is useless and those who truly understand the value of what their company offers can boil it down to just one word. Not easy, to be sure, but a worthwhile exercise to see just how focused one is on what they truly offer the market.

So, can you do it? Let’s see. I’m running a contest to see who can come up with the best Dumbwaiter Pitch for their business. The rules:

  • Has to be just one word
  • Enter by posting a comment on this post below or sending a Tweet including @davidpaull and using hashtag #dumbwaiterpitchcontest
  • You may submit as many Dumbwaiter Pitches as you want
  • Contest closes at 5pm Pacific time on Friday, April 30
  • The top three Dumbwaiter Pitches will be chosen by me based on which, in my opinion, best capture the value of those businesses in just one word
  • Winners will be announced by 10am Pacific time on Monday, May 3
  • Winners will be notified via email or Twitter and will be awarded the Mimobot flash drive of their choice (up to $40, which covers just about all of them)
  • Please email or RT this contest and let’s see how many great submissions we can get
  • All submissions will be published in a follow-up post. Please let me know if you want your submission or your name excluded.

OK, go.