Dial of Doom Adds Fireworks to Food Network Star


Food Network Star
(Image courtesy of Food Network Star)

In case you didn’t catch last night’s July 4th episode of this season’s Food Network Star, the “infamous” Dial of Doom was called back into service for the third season in a row and there were definitely some fireworks once the Star finalists found out.

In this episode, the dials may have separated some Star contenders (hello Arnold and Michelle!) from Star pretenders (Dom and Alex?). As Giada noted, “In this business, how you present your creation is as important as what you create.”

Food Network Star Food Network Star
Data from the Dial of Doom were collected and displayed in real-time with a custom ‘Star Meter.’
(Images courtesy of Food Network Star)

What’s it like to have to present your dish in front of a live audience rating every second of your performance with the dials? “It’s terrifying,” remarked Star finalist Emilia. It also makes for great theater and it’s a proven method to evaluate which Star finalists have the ‘chops’ to cut it in the food show biz.

The dials are actually a research tool of choice by entertainment properties for host and talent testing as well as used to fine-tune political speeches and business presentations. So, while the Star finalists have their apprehensions about it, media researchers and fans of the show seem to delight in the Dial of Doom.