Dial Testing a “Time to Get Back to Work” Message

Dialsmith is a technical partner in an ongoing tracking study looking into what it will take to get people back to engaging in normal activities like going to a movie, or traveling, or going back to the office. The study, titled The Back to Normal Barometer, tracks how people are feeling through waves of surveys, interviews and dial tests that are conducted twice per month.

In the most recent wave, the research team asks a group of working-from-home Americans to watch and rate a short video where someone playing the role of their boss makes the case for them returning to work in their office. The test group uses our online dial testing tools to provide continuous, moment-to-moment feedback as they are watching the video.

In the YouTube clip below, Engagious’ Rich Thau explains how the dial testing worked and what the key takeaways were for him and the research team.

To learn more about the Back-to-Normal Barometer study, visit the research page. If you’d like to learn more about our online dial testing tools and how they can help support your online research needs, check out our product page or please get in touch.