Dial Testing President Trump’s Address to Congress

President Trump's address to Congress dial testing results
A presidential address to a joint session of Congress is a notable event. A president’s first such address is even more notable. Add in the Trump factor, and the event can be considered historically significant. So, it’s no surprise that Dialsmith’s dial testing technology was called into action once again to gather real-time opinions and perceptions of Americans on all sides of the political spectrum as they watched the address.

As has been a regular occurrence with significant political events such as the State of the Union Address and Presidential Debates, major news networks featured results from dial testing focus groups as part of their analysis and coverage of the address. Here are some highlights from the coverage of Trump’s address.

Lee Carter, president of maslansky + partners, was on Fox & friends, discussing results of the online Slidermetrix dial testing they conducted last night.

Meanwhile, Pollster Frank Luntz was live Tweeting results from the live dial testing focus groups he conducted for CBS News.




You don’t have to be addressing a joint session of Congress to get real value out of dial testing. Find out more about how dial testing works and how it can help you better understand your audience’s real-time opinions and perceptions.