Dialsmith’s Perception Analyzer (aka Dial of Doom) returns for Sunday’s Big Screen Bites episode of Food Network Star

Don’t miss this Sunday’s episode of Food Network Star as it may be your last chance this season to catch our Perception Analyzer dials in action. Sunday’s Big Screen Bites episode adds a dash of movie making drama as Star competitors faceoff by creating a 60-second movie trailer to promote a movie genre themed dinner of their choosing. An in-person focus group equipped with Perception Analyzer dials will watch and rate each competitor’s trailer and results will be used by the mentors to decide who gets the red carpet treatment and who goes home. Who will the “Dial of Doom” toll for this time around? Tune in Sunday at 9p Eastern/Pacific to find out. Oh, and don’t forget the popcorn.

Here’s a preview of Sunday’s Food Network Star.