Engagious Podcast: Rick Petry, Storytelling for our Attention-Deficit Culture

Engagious Podcast - Rick Petry

When it comes to engaging audiences, the direct marketing industry has it down. And one of the foremost experts in direct marketing is our guest Rick Petry. Over the course of his career, Rick has helped clients, such as Bowflex and Char-Broil, realize more than a billion dollars in combined sales and he has some great insights to share with us.

In this episode Rick and I discuss:

@4:00   The importance of stories in direct marketing and sales

@7:00   How consumers can become part of a brand’s story

@16:30   Scarcity mentality, desire for a bargain, and other levers you can pull to drive sales…

@21:00   Creative ways to use direct marketing to sell all kinds of products

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Until next time, #BeEngagious.