Experiential Divine

Some great stuff on customer experience today…

First, Daddy Types tells us that The Cheesecake Factory brings kids a snack plate while their family is waiting to order and get their food.  Sounds like you don’t have to ask for it, they just know that’s the time when kids get the most impatient and start causing a ruckus (let’s be honest).  This simple thing keeps the kids happy which in turn keeps the parents and other diners happy who then reward The Cheesecake Factory with repeat business.  It’s the circle of life (or Hakuna Matata – a reference those with kids will certainly get).

Next, Decker Marketing shares a great list of 10 ways to create and manage experience: [via EX Group]

  1. Experiences don’t just happen; they need to be planned.
  2. Think about the customer experience first—and then about the functional features and benefits of your brand.
  3. Be obsessive about the details of the experience.
  4. Create a small touch that sums up and stylizes your experience. (The Conrad Hotel in Hong Kong places yellow rubber ducks in its bathrooms—a quirky, memorable touch.)
  5. Think situation, not product: “Grooming in the bathroom,” instead of “razor”; “casual meal” instead of “hot dog”; “travel” instead of “transportation.”
  6. Strive for holistic experiences—experiences that are sensory, emotional, thought-provoking and relevant.
  7. Track experiences across media: logos, ads, packaging, advertising and websites.
  8. Use multiple metrics—from quantitative to verbal to visual. Be explorative and creative and worry about reliability, validity and methodological sophistication later.
  9. Consider how the experience changes as the brand expands onto the Web or across international borders.
  10. Add dynamism and “Dionysianism” to your company and brand. Most brands are too timid and too bureaucratic. Be ecstatic, passionate and creative.