Experiential Divine (II)

Tom Peters had an excellent customer service experience at The Four Seasons.  He and his wife were traveling and dinner plans conflicted with a TV show they wanted to catch.  They asked the Concierge if the show could be recorded and the requested with granted.  In addition to returning from dinner to find a VCR with the recorded show and a nice note in their room, they were also left a plate of treats.  Recording the show was nice enough.  Having it ready to watch in the room that same evening was above and beyond.  Leaving a plate of treats is what makes The Four Seasons remarkable.

Another great example of this is last week an associate of mine, with a brutal cold, was traveling all week and staying at his usual Hilton hotels. One evening he felt so bad he phoned the Concierge and asked for a thermometer to check his fever. They brought one to him right away and then proceeded to send up some soup and checked-in with him periodically to see how he was feeling and if there was anything he needed.

How many people will they both tell about their great and unexpected experiences?  How may people reading this blog and Tom’s will spread the word.   What are you doing to surprise your customers and garner this kind of word of mouth?