(Almost) Five Questions with… Fieldwork Dallas

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Since we officially launched our ‘Dialed In’ affiliate facility program a year ago, our network of premier dial testing facilities has spread to cover key research destinations across the US and Europe. But today, we’re turning our focus to The Lone Star State and Dialed In affiliate Fieldwork Dallas.

For this installment of “Five Questions with…” we chat with Fieldwork Dallas president, Jessica Josset. Our apologies as we were in such a hurry to share Jessica’s responses with you that we only got four questions in.

Q: What should clients expect from your facility when they walk in the door and what sets Fieldwork Dallas apart from other facilities?

Jessica: Fieldwork Dallas prides itself on quality recruiting and a stellar service experience.  From the moment a project is awarded to the day the project is hosted at our facility, it’s our priority to pull out all stops to make a client’s project an absolute success.

Q: What makes your location in Dallas a desirable research destination for your clients?

Jessica: Fieldwork Dallas is strategically located to draw from several different areas and boasts a fresh respondent database that can meet all of our client’s research needs.  Our facility is located about 25 minutes both from DFW & Love Field airports.

Q: Why is Fieldwork Dallas ideal for hosting Perception Analyzer dial sessions and what kind of feedback have you heard back from clients who’ve conducted dial testing at your facility?

Jessica: We have ideal conference rooms to host Perception Analyzer dial sessions and seasoned staff that is aware of the typical setup necessary to exceed a client’s expectations. Additionally, we’ve built a great relationship with Dialsmith over the years and partner with them to provide a solid, seamless experience for our client’s onsite.  Feedback received continues to be positive!

Q: What’s the best thing a client has ever said about your facility?

Jessica: In my 16 years with Fieldwork Dallas, one of my biggest takeaways from our clients is how impressed they are with the level of service and commitment we are able to provide with CONSISTENCY over the years.  We’re more than just a company at Fieldwork.  Our culture continues to add value to our core goals and has given us the ability to not only succeed in delivering an overall spectacular experience for our clients but also successfully build long-term relationships with them.  That gives me so much pride!

Thanks Jessica! If you’d like to learn more about Fieldwork Dallas and how they can support your next dial session, go the Fieldwork website. For details on Dialsmith’s ‘Dialed In’ affiliate program or to access a full list of our affiliate facilities (by city), visit the Dialed In page.