Five Questions with ‘Dialed In’ Affiliate Fieldwork Seattle/Kirkland


Home of the Space Needle, the reigning Super Bowl Champions and, of course, Starbucks, Seattle is the next stop on our introductory tour of Dialed In Research Facilities. With offices situated between the fresh waters of Lake Washington and the salt waters of the Puget Sound, Fieldwork Seattle–Downtown and Fieldwork Seattle–Kirkland, are new additions to our Dialed In Affiliate program as well as prime locations for conducting your next dial focus group in the Pacific Northwest. To better acquaint you with what these two facilities have to offer, we chatted with Facility President Ryker Lammers.

Q: What should clients expect from your facility when they walk in the door and what sets your Seattle–Downtown and Seattle–Kirkland facilities apart?

Ryker:  A cheery hello along with a warm smile from your dedicated host. What sets us apart, aside from two beautiful facilities in Seattle and Kirkland with fantastic views of Puget Sound and the Carillon Point Marina, is the recruiting and attention to detail.  

Q: Why are your facilities ideal for Perception Analyzer dial sessions and what kind of feedback have you heard from clients who have run dials at your facility?

Ryker: The Kirkland office is ideal for larger groups, and we’ve typically seen larger groups using PA. Our largest room can seat up to 50.  

Q: What makes your locations in the Seattle area a desirable research destination for your clients?

Ryker: Seattle has one of the most educated populaces in the country. High tech is big, which, in turn, leads to early technology adopters. The medical facilities are world-class and along with that the physicians are top-notch. We’re green and not because it rains all of the time. Seattle is a foodie town – the restaurants are wonderful. There’s much to see and do as well.

Q: What is your number one priority in creating a successful research environment in your facility?

Ryker: An attentive host. That person will see that all needs are addressed in a professional and courteous manner.

Q: What aspect of the research industry inspired you to run a facility?

Ryker: Customer service. But, being a detail-oriented person, I knew that I could assemble a high quality staff trained to handle all aspects of the research process.

Thanks Ryker for your time and for helping us ensure a great experience for clients looking to run dial groups at your facilities. You can get details on these Fieldwork facilities and our Dialed In Affiliates in key research cities around the world by visiting our Dialed In Affiliate page.