Five Questions with ‘Dialed In’ Affiliate i-view London



Our ‘Dialed In’ affiliate facility program is picking up speed, so if you’re looking for a top-notch venue to host your next Perception Analyzer focus group, we’ve got a network of facilities across the Americas and Europe ready and waiting.

This installment of our “5 Questions with…” feature has a distinct international flavor to it as we spend a few minutes with i-view London’s co-owner and founder Bob Qureshi.

Q: What should clients expect from your facility when they walk in the door and what sets i-view London apart from other facilities?

Bob: i-view London has been passionately designed by researchers to create a contemporary ambience of space across five state-of-the-art studios. All on one easy to reach large floor bathed in natural sunlight, i-view London is a technologically advanced, Focus Vision enabled viewing facility with a dedicated media lab for eye tracking, dial testing and Neuromarketing. We are committed to being the best in class and offering all our clients an experience that exceeds expectations. We want clients to feel that i-view London is a partner they look forward to working with, every time.

Q: Why is i-view London ideal for Perception Analyzer dial sessions and what kind of feedback have you heard from clients who have run dials at your facility?

Bob: The Perception Analyzer (PA) system was embedded into the fabric of the studio design from the outset. We had Dialsmith technicians on site at the build stage to ensure all aspects of room layout, cabling and connectivity would be ‘plug and play’ every time. As part of the design we developed a large unique flexible space that could house 100 people seated in one room to watch a TV show/programme/advert. Feedback from clients has been amazing. They love the space, ease of Perception Analyzer set up and ability to view the results in real time in the sympathetically designed client viewing rooms. We do more than 50 Perception Analyzer studies per year, so we can set up and have everything in place for you to run your PA dial group at incredibly short notice. This is aided by having the full suite of PA dials and equipment permanently located at i-view London.

Q: What makes your location in London a desirable research destination for your clients?

Bob: Situated only six paces from Exit 3 of Tottenham Court Road Tube Station, just across the road from Centrepoint, and opposite the new Crossrail London link, i-view London is the newest, most central and most technologically advanced facility in central London. Five state-of-the-art studios, on the corner of Oxford Street and Tottenham Court Road—the hub of the London shopping and eating out district. Easy to reach from both Gatwick and Heathrow airports by train and road. Full disabled access and services throughout the building.

Q: What is your number one priority in creating a successful research environment in your facility?

Bob: We want clients to feel, i-view London is a destination they look forward to attending after a day at the office—not just an extension of their working day. A place that has refined purpose, ambience and above all a sense of direction. A knowledgeable, relaxed and ardent team that genuinely wants all our visitors to feel at home. To that point, i-view London is the only facility in London that scored maximum marks on all measures in the most recent survey by the Independent Viewing Facilities Association.

Q: What aspect of the research industry inspired you to run a facility?

Bob: For almost 25 years, I’ve been involved with the full service end of the spectrum in the market research industry from being hired as research executive at the start of my career, to becoming a company manager at TNS with 200 staff in my team, to buying and selling market research companies at Aegis, then finally selling my own full service research firm. When selecting and booking research facilities in central London the feedback was always less then glowing and often included the negatives of: not centrally located; lack of respondent space; small client viewing rooms; lack of light; built on several floors with no elevator; lack of staff attention and the list went on. There was a need for a new player and the journey lasted 18 months to find the right venue in the right location with the best team at the helm. i-view London was designed to tick every box—and joined Madrid, Hamburg, Berlin, Frankfurt and Barcelona in Europe with the common thread of state-of-the-art ‘Dialed In’ Viewing Facilities, a game-changer in the market London research facility world and now a member of FIVE RESEARCH with 23 studios worldwide independently owned and operated by the members.

Thanks Bob for your time and we look forward to our continued partnership with i-view London. For more information on our ‘Dialed In’ affiliates or to find a facility in the city you’re looking to host your next research project in, take a peek at our affiliate facilities page.