Five Questions with ‘Dialed In’ Affiliate Observation Baltimore



Known for its crab cakes, its baseball-playing Orioles and as birthplace of America’s national anthem, the city of Baltimore is also home to one of our new ‘Dialed In’ affiliate facilities, Observation Baltimore. We spent a few minutes with Observation Baltimore general manager Mira Davis-Kelly to learn more about her facility and what it has to offer.

Q: What should clients expect from your facility when they walk in the door and what sets Observation Baltimore apart?

Mira: Observation Baltimore has a truly wonderful facility space and a great team that really understands market research. We’re all familiar with the challenges that moderators and other team members go through during the project process. The most common sentiments that we receive from clients include how bright and comfortable our facility is, how great their experience is and that they can’t wait to work with us again.

Q: Why is Observation Baltimore ideal for Perception Analyzer dial sessions and what kind of feedback have you heard from clients who have run dials at your facility?

Mira: Partnering with Perception Analyzer was an easy decision for us. Conducting dial sessions can provide an added depth of insights for our clients and research partners that they would not have been able to access otherwise. We typically recommend conducting dial sessions with about 20 people and then, immediately after, hosting a focus group by selecting 6-8 people to speak with in more depth about the same content. We liken this to getting the bones of the fish together through the dials and then adding the meat on the bones through the follow-up session.

Q: What makes your location in Baltimore a desirable research destination for your clients?

Mira: Observation Baltimore is located about 10 minutes from the airport and train stations as well as 10 minutes from the center of Downtown Baltimore. By the time you finish reading this interview you could have gotten from BWI airport to our facility. It really is that easy!

Q: What is your number one priority in creating a successful research environment in your facility?

Mira: Supporting clients.  It’s as simple as that.  We know that our job is to make our clients’ jobs easier, and we take great pride in this.  We are proud to work in the research industry and ensure our clients are able to consistently do their job to the best of their ability.

Q: What aspect of the research industry inspired you to run a facility?

Mira: I’ve never met anyone who doesn’t find the market research industry fascinating, myself included.  I entered the industry on the full-service side and worked there for many years.  Through my experiences, I saw a number of facilities that failed to provide the support and knowledge that is so badly needed in the research process.  I knew that I had a unique perspective working as a moderator, so I wanted to take that and create a facility that really supported clients at the highest level.

Thanks Mira for your time and for the top-notch service and support your facility provides to our Perception Analyzer clients.  If you’re looking for more information about our ‘Dialed In’ affiliates or to see a list of facilities we are partnered with, check out our affiliate facilities page, or get in contact with our logistics manager Clinton.