Five Questions with ‘Dialed In’ Affiliate PVR Research Atlanta



With this next installment of “5 Questions With…” we get a taste of Southern Hospitality as we chat with Valerie Cansler, Research Director at Atlanta-based ‘Dialed In’ Affiliate PVR Research.

Q: What should clients expect from your facility when they walk in the door and what sets PVR Research apart?

Valerie: PVR delivers an extraordinary research experience.  From the quality of recruits to our on-site service, PVR makes research easy for our clients.  We pride ourselves on knowing what our repeat clients need before they even ask for it.

Q: Why is PVR ideal for Perception Analyzer dial sessions and what kind of feedback have you heard from clients who have run dials at your facility?

Valerie: Our facility rooms are larger than most.  We have two rooms uniquely suited for Perception Analyzer dial sessions.  These rooms can comfortably seat up to 40 respondents at a time.  Additionally, these spaces have side rooms for qualitative break-out sessions.  Clients who have run dials at PVR comment that it is a smooth process and they get very valuable feedback.  Clients seem to really appreciate the chance to ask consumers all their “why” questions after a dial session.

Q: What makes your location in Atlanta a desirable research destination for your clients?

Valerie: Johns Creek is one of Atlanta’s leading suburbs, with over 26,000 households.  More than 97% of local residents are high school graduates and the area offers a nice mix of age and ethnic demographics.  Additionally, PVR recruits from all over the wide area that makes up metro Atlanta, which allows us to reach very specialized populations and B2B consumers.

Q: What is your number one priority in creating a successful research environment in your facility?

Valerie: Without a doubt, customer service is our #1 priority at PVR.  Our recruiting team delivers on even the most complicated and obscure recruits.  PVR’s project managers are sharp and responsive and our client services team delivers amazing concierge service.  Overall, attention to detail is key for fulfilling our customer’s needs.

Q: What aspect of the research industry inspired you to run a facility?

Valerie: The variety of work was a big factor in deciding to run a facility.  Everyone on our staff enjoys the unique opportunities that come with executing each study.  From week to week the clients, recruits and test products change.  This diversity is intellectually stimulating and allows our team to really shine.

Thanks to Valerie for her time. We look forward to building on the accomplisments we’ve had running dial groups for clients at PVR’s facility. If you’re down in Atlanta, drop in to PVR for a look around and experience some of that famous Atlanta hospitality. Until next time, if you’re on the hunt for a top-notch facility to host your next dial group, don’t forget to check our affiliate list or touch base with our Logistics Manager Clinton.