In-Game Ad Serving

It’s an in-game ad kind of day. Massive Inc. announces its launch of the “world’s first” video game advertising network. Here’s how it works:

The technology backbone behind the Massive Video Game Advertising Network is Massive’s patent pending ad serving technology, a client-server system that dynamically delivers advertising into video games within the Massive Network, and measures and reports results. Once integrated into a game, the Massive client library pulls down advertising from the Massive Server in the background of game play and reports every time an ad is seen. Massive manages ad campaigns on the back-end to meet advertiser requirements such as airing ads only during Primetime or on Sunday nights, or to specific segments within the network, as well as to ensure reach and frequency goals are met. The entire process is invisible to the player and optimized so as to not impede game play or online performance.”

via [Adverblog]