Attention Hotel Towel Thieves

Holiday Inn Hotels & Resorts has published a book of stolen towel stories from its customers called About the towels, we forgive you: Absorbing Tales of Borrowed Towels. Sixty-percent of proceeds from the $25 book will go to the Give Kids The World charity and the first 1000 people to purchase the book will receive a free Holiday Inn towel.

This is a masterful case of taking something everyone can relate to and turning it on its ear. Everyone has stolen a hotel towel for one reason or another. Holiday Inn is basically saying ‘we know and there is nothing we can do about it so let’s have some fun with it, make some money and give to a worthy cause – all in the name of marketing and PR.’

I think hotels should encourage guests to take a towel or robe anyway. They take it home, use it, see the logo all the time. What better way to stay top-of-mind for when people are making their next travel plans? Sure there is a cost involved, but it’s called the marketing budget.

via [Right This Way]