Into the Void

Less than half of emails sent to the world’s best-known brands actually get a reply. For the study, companies were contacted either through their info@ email addresses or using contact forms on their web sites. The study was conducted in English and Spanish and this article at Internet Retailer goes into detail on the stats. Highlights:

Request for product info:
English – 42.7% response (average resp. time 2.9 days)
Spanish – 46.9% response (average resp. time 2 days)

English – 49.4% response (average resp. time 1.6 days)
Spanish – 35.8% response (average resp. time 3.8 days)

Compliment about the site:
English – 35.6% response (average resp. time 3.1 days)
Spanish – 35.4% response (average resp. time 1.8 days)

Where to buy the company’s products:
English – 50% response (average resp. time 1.7 days)
Spanish – 33.3% response (average resp. time 2.8 days)

What I think is important to look at though is the sheer volume of email these companies actually get and what percentage could be replied to without requiring unreasonable staffing levels.

via MarketingVOX

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