Meet The Team GP Edition: Clinton Godeke

Clinton G GP Edition
A while back, we introduced you to members of our Dialsmith team through our Meet the Team blog series where we posted entertaining (yes, and sometimes embarrassing) factoids about some of the folks that make Dialsmith a fun place to work. Now, we’re taking this relationship a step further by exposing the guilty pleasures of each of our crew. Next up: Dialsmith Manager of Logistics & Support Clinton Godeke.

So, Clinton – What’s your GUILTY PLEASURE…

FOOD: Funyuns



bimbo colchones

DRINK: Coors Light 24oz

Coors Light

TV SHOW: The View

The View

GENERAL TIME-WASTER: Most recent time-waster…Russian music videos via YouTube…YouTube in general.

Russian music videos

Thanks Clinton. Now, see that wasn’t too scary (except maybe the Russian music videos part- that one’s a bit frightening.)

Up next, Dialsmith Manager of Online Products Aaron Korach.

Image credits to: Coors Light – Flicker (Ozzy Delaney); The View – Wikipedia; Russian Music Videos – YouTube