Meet The Team GP Edition: Greg Treat

Greg Treat Dialsmith
A while back, we introduced you to members of our Dialsmith team through our Meet the Team blog series where we posted entertaining (yes, and sometimes embarrassing) factoids about some of the folks that make Dialsmith a fun place to work. Now, we’re taking this relationship a step further by exposing the guilty pleasures of each of our crew. Next up: Dialsmith Project Consultant Greg Treat.

So, Greg – What’s your GUILTY PLEASURE…

FOOD: Chicken Parmesan Stackers, which is a chicken breast topped with grilled tomato, eggplant, melted mozzarella cheese and balsamic vinaigrette.
stack of chickens

DESSERT: Coconut Cream Pie.
Coconut cream pie

DRINK: Vodka Cranberry, especially when it’s vodka from St. Petersburg Russia (see attached pictures)

TV SHOW: Young Justice, it has one of the best narratives for a superhero team on TV, or the movies for that matter, that I’ve seen.
Young Justice TV series

GENERAL TIME-WASTER: IGN.com, there is always something new and cool on that site for me to check out.

Hey, thanks for the insights! That wasn’t too scary now, right Greg? At least not as scary as the prospects of trying to down a plate of Parmesan Chicken Stackers.

Up next, Dialsmith’s VP of Client Services Eric Alzuhn (that is, if we can corner him).

Image credits to:
Chicken Stacker image: Wallyhood.org, Coconut Cream Pie image: RecipesHub, Young Justice: Wikipedia and Cartoon Network, IGN: IGN.com