Meet the Dialsmith Team: David Paull, Founder & CEO

When you hear the name Dialsmith, you may think of our well-known Perception Analyzer dials, those squiggly lines that CNN shows during Presidential debates or what’s used for TV pilot or ad testing. Those would all be very appropriate associations but at our core, Dialsmith is about our team. We’re a tight-knit group of technologists, consultants and marketers who share a passion for dial testing solutions and services and helping deliver results for our research clients. We decided to lift up the curtain and introduce you to the names and faces that make Dialsmith tick with a new blog series we call “Meet the Dialsmith Team.” First up, our fearless leader, Founder & CEO David Paull.

When off the clock, you can find me… Hanging with my wife and kids. Sounds simple, but it’s my favorite way to have fun and relax.

Portland is… Terrible! Really, everyone should stay away. Please, don’t come here. Stay where you are. Nothing to see here. : )

If you’re doing a coffee run, I’ll take… A very large, strong, black coffee—hot or iced depends on the day. 

The best thing I’ve ever eaten was… Pains me to name just one since I’ve had the good fortune to eat so many great things and I could easily do 1000 words on this question alone. But, to avoid being “that guy” I’ll go with the meal that sits at the top of all culinary experiences for me—sushi at Shshiko Honten in Ginza, Tokyo. 

I’m pretty good at… Writing and cooking (I think!?). Oh, and making my wife roll her eyes. It’s a source of pride. The bigger the eye-roll, the bigger the smile on my face! Yeah, we have fun…

If you ask nicely, I’ll… Call a moving company to help you move.

If I were a superhero or villain, I’d definitely be… Thor, because both my kids think he’s the coolest. Need all the help I can get!

My favorite part of my job is… Closing a hard-won deal. It’s a rush and hopefully a sign of good things to come.

The strangest thing I’ve seen our dials used for was… We once worked on a reality dating show and our dials were rigged to a heating element in the seat of the contestant’s chair. We had a focus group in the back while the contestant and some poor unsuspecting person were on a dinner date. When our focus group thought the contestant slipped-up during the date they literally turned up the heat. The contestant would squirm in their seat trying to cool their buns while their companion had no idea what was happening. That was an odd day.