Meet the Dialsmith Team: Brian Izenson, Marketing and Business Development Manager

We are continuing our “Meet the Dialsmith Team” series this week to take you behind the scenes and into the Dialsmith office to get to know our team. Next up is Marketing and Business Development Manager, Brian Izenson.

B_Izenson_photostrip (2)When off the clock, you can find me… running around from one parental obligation to another. I do have a weekly Dads’ run that I almost never miss though.

Portland is… home. I wasn’t born here but I’ve firmly planted my roots.

The best thing I’ve ever eaten was… I’m a big fan of Middle Eastern cuisine and Portland has its share of great options both restaurants and carts. I’ll go with the Mezza platter from Hoda’s. You’re supposed to share it with others but I’m not great at sharing.

Not a lot of people know this, but… I’m a pretty strong swimmer. Played my share of water polo even though I don’t fit the mold. I look more like a sinker.Brian-Flash

I’m pretty good at… juggling a soccer ball with my feet. The low center of gravity helps. I’m like Messi except without the talent… and multi-million dollar contract… and multi-million dollar lifestyle… and (well, let’s just cut this off right now.)  

If you ask nicely, I’ll… pick up the beer tab (this time around.)

If I were a superhero or villain, I’d definitely be… the Flash. Yep, there’s photo evidence.

My favorite part of my job is… talking to our clients and hearing them tell me how great we are. They really do that.

The strangest thing I’ve seen our dials used for was… well, I took the dials into my son’s pre-school classroom and the first question the kids asked me is how can they use it to call their parents. But once they got the hang of the dials, the group ran smoothly and we found that the large majority of the kids liked going to school. Unfortunately, my son wasn’t one of them.