Melvin is the man (no ifs, ands or bots about it)

Melvin -- the bot, the legend
We’re super excited to announce the newest member of the Dialsmith team. This is Melvin. Melvin has been brought on as Dialsmith’s Robot-in-Chief. What does a Robot-in-Chief do? Your guess is as good as ours, but as a technology developer and services company, Dialsmith is totally psyched to have Melvin aboard. I mean he oozes “techno-cool,” doesn’t he? When asked why he wanted to the join the Dialsmith team, this was Melvin’s response: “I’m very much a people person but I’m also a nuts and bolts kind of guy. I was looking for a job and a company that would just let me be me. Dialsmith is that place. Plus, they have my wind-up key.”

Melvin makes everything ducky here at Dialsmith
Favorite dance move? You guessed it, “The Robot.” Melvin also admits to being a bit “soft and gushy” on the inside.

Stay tuned for more updates and pics from Melvin as he tags along with the Dialsmith team around the globe. Want to learn more interesting “tidbytes” about Melvin (for example, did you know that he once dated Lady Gaga?) as well as the rest of our considerably more boring Dialsmith team? Read Melvin’s Q&A, and while you’re at it, check out our Dialsmith team profiles.