Mobile Phone Service – Second Worst for Customer Sat

Right behind cable providers are mobile phone service providers with the second lowest ranking in the University of Michigan’s customer satisfaction index. Key complaints: dropped calls, poor customer service, penalties and fees.

My biggest complaint — why can’t we get the coolest phones and latest technologies that show up in Japan and Europe?

Actually, scratch that…my biggest complaint is exemplified by something that happened to me last week. One of my employee’s mobile phone bills was $75 higher than normal (on a $65 monthly plan). I noticed it was all concentrated under the “Roaming” section of the bill and all calls took place over a three day period. She has never incurred roaming charges before. I called the service provider and they said that on those days she was in DC where another carrier’s signal is stronger. The phone picked-up the stronger signal and I was charged for roaming (and long distance) for all calls during those days. Now, as if that wasn’t bad enough, the next thing I was told was that for $5 per month I could eliminate all roaming and never have this problem again. Where were they before? Where were they when I needed them – before the roaming incident that no reasonable person could have avoided? That, my friends, is why this industry is floating in the customer sat commode.