New London-Based Focus Group Facility Features Perception Analyzer

Photos courtesy of i-view London.

We wanted to share some exciting news as our partner Premier Viewing Facilities Europe officially opened the doors of its newest focus group facility,
i-view London, this week. Located in the heart of London, the state-of-the-art, five-studio facility offers Perception Analyzer® dial testing by Dialsmith, a dedicated media lab, eye tracking, and Neuromarketing.

Bob Qureshi, Partner with i-view London, believes the facility’s best-in-class features and technology will make it the UK’s go-to venue for focus groups, extended creative groups, workshops, and in-depth interviews across several business disciplines, and integrating Perception Analyzer is a key to differentiating their service offerings. “i-view is the most technologically advanced viewing facility in London and Dialsmith’s Perception Analyzer dial testing technology is the perfect fit for the breadth of services we want to offer our clients. We sought out the state-of-the-art for media research and everyone knows the Perception Analyzer dials are what’s used for local and global tests. We’re thrilled to partner with Dialsmith to bring their technology exclusively to i-view in London and to our partner studios in Germany and Spain as part of Premiere Viewing Facilities Europe.”

For focus groups, or any kind of small to mid-sized group meeting in London, you can’t beat i-view. Give them a call and tell them Dialsmith sent you!