New Resource: Moment-to-Moment Research Playbook

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In the two years since we published our “Essentials of Moment-to-Moment Research” eBook, we’ve seen more than 1,000 downloads of the resource and received dozens of positive reviews. While much of the eBook content is still relevant, after 2 years, we decided it was time for a refresh. The new version, launched this week, is crammed with even more expert advice, helpful tips and real-world case studies–so much so, that we decided the name needed a refresh too. So, we’re calling this new version the Moment-to-Moment Research Playbook. It’s the definitive source for anyone looking to add in-person or online dial testing to their research toolkit.

Download your free copy of the Moment-to-Moment Research Playbook HERE.

If you want a taste for what this Playbook offers, here are a few excerpts:

[From the section, “Visualizing the Data | Facilitating Storytelling“]

As Growth Hacking Strategist and Serial Storyteller Kristin Luck verifies, “Dial testing is amazing at determining what specific points are resonating with your target audience… it was instrumental in nearly every trailer and TV test I conducted during my entertainment research years. Its ability to visualize results in an intuitive and compelling way makes it a valuable component to successful reporting and storytelling.”

[From the section, “What does Moment-to-Moment deliver for my clients?“]

When working with a client for the first time, Dr. Lara Giese, president of Advanced Trial Sciences, describes for them the MtM technology she will be using to collect data and how it will help the case. She describes how her clients react to MtM when seeing it for the first time:

“Once clients see the research method in action and witness the visual overlays and response lines, MtM becomes very convincing, and a necessary tool for their case preparation. They immediately see and understand the value of the data—and the power of the methodology–to be able to decidedly recognize the strengths and weaknesses in the presentation of arguments in a case.”

[From the section featuring a case study detailing how political communication researchers run dial groups for CNN.]

“The [Moment-to-Moment] data from the dials allow us to identify and rank which issues are making an impact on voters and pushing opinion in either a positive or negative direction. And the ability to capture and display this information in real time is a unique benefit.”

Give it a read and let us know what you think. If you have comments or feedback on the newly refreshed Moment-to-Moment Research Playbook, please email us at news@dialsmith.com.