Perception Analyzer by Dialsmith Called Into Action for
State of the Union Polling

As President
Obama was delivering his State of the Union last night, focus groups of voters on
both sides of the country were watching and scoring the President’s address with the Perception Analyzer dials. Using the Perception Analyzer, researchers are able to
capture quantifiable data that shows how voters are responding to specific issues during
the hour-long address.



Image courtesy of Democracy Corp and Greenberg Quinlan Rosner Research.

In Colorado, dial testing was conducted with a group of 44 swing voters by Greenberg Quinlan Rosner Research on behalf of Democracy Corps, Women’s Voices. Women Vote Action Fund, and the Economic Media Project. Democracy Corps released their memo on their findings today.


Images courtesy of CNN.

of the Perception Analyzer has been a mainstay in CNN’s coverage of major
political events and last night’s State of the Union was no exception. Southern
Methodist University (SMU) researchers Drs. Rita Kirk and Dan Schill again ran
the CNN focus group which took place in Virginia and was made up of a mix of 32
Democratic, Republican and Independent voters. Check out CNN’s coverage of the
focus group results