Perception Analyzer Dial Testing Goes to The Muppets

There are certain “signs” out there in the world that indicate whether you’ve made it or not. Here at Dialsmith, we’ve had Presidents and world leaders reference our Perception Analyzer dial by name. The Perception Analyzer has made cameos on TV shows (ahem… West Wing, Newsroom) and played supporting roles in motion pictures (Spinning Boris). But today, the Perception Analyzer has reached a whole new level of pop culture cool.

You may have heard that Kermit, Miss Piggy, Fozzie and the rest of The Muppets will be back on the air in ABC’s Primetime lineup this fall. Well, ABC just released the official trailer, which features all the original cast of characters, including everyone’s favorite old curmudgeons, Statler and Waldorf. Per the image below, the trailer ends with the two in a viewing room with a familiar dial in the hands. If the show can pass a dial test from Statler and Waldorf, then getting good marks from the American public should be a cake walk.

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