The Lines Are At It Again: Dialsmith’s Perception Analyzer Featured in Reporting of President’s State of the Union

You may have noticed those friendly lines (courtesy of The Perception Analyzer) showing up all over the place again last night and this morning as news networks and research groups studied, analyzed and reported the President’s State of the Union address.

Yes, the Perception Analyzer was at it again with focus groups in key swing states across the country dialing in registered voters’ reactions to what the President had to say.

CNN’s Wolf Blitzer reported results from a dial group in Des Moines, Iowa run by Drs. Rita Kirk and Dan Schill who have used the Perception Analyzer with groups for CNN since 2008.

Fox News featured their famed political consultant Frank Luntz who ran his own dial group in the Fox News Studios. Luntz referenced the Perception Analyzer and the dial lines as he reported his results on Fox News’ post-address coverage and earlier today on CBS This Morning.

In Denver, Colorado, Stan Greenberg and his research group Greenberg, Quinlan, Rosner Research ran a dial group of 44 swing voters for Democracy Corp and Women’s Voices Women Vote Action Fund. Their results including shots of the dial lines were published today in Greenberg’s memo.