Perception Analyzer: Laptop and Desktop System Recommendations

We field a lot of questions from system owners wanting recommendations from us on what type of laptop or desktop set up to purchase for running the Perception Analyzer system. In response, our support team has compiled a list of suggested system requirements.

These are suggested requirements only based upon our team’s experience. Dialsmith does not endorse or guarantee the suitability of any third-party product.

  • Notebook
    or desktop computer is acceptable
  • Windows
    XP, Vista, 7 or 8
  • For
    Windows Vista, 7 or 8:  1.0 GHz processor, 2.0 GHz RAM.  For XP:
    800MHz processor, 256MB RAM (note: most computers running Windows need at least
    1GB of available disk space for trouble-free operation; solid-state drives are
    not recommended)

Required Ports:

  • For
    external data display connection to overlay device:  VGA monitor port;
    DVI-A or
    DVI-I port with VGA adapter also acceptable; DVI-D or HDMI is only acceptable if
    no overlay device is used, otherwise an external HDMI to VGA converter is
  • For
    external respondent display adapter connection: One USB-2 or USB-3 port for an
    external USB-VGA/DVI display adapter; a PC-card slot is required if using the
    older Margi or VTBook PC-card display adapters (no longer available for sale)
  • For
    Perception Analyzer dial interface (Console) connection: 1 available RS-232
    serial or USB-1, USB-2 or USB-3 port

Suggested Brands:

  • Lenovo
    ThinkPad R, X, or T series or Sony Vaio; other brands may be acceptable if they
    meet the specifications described above; due to video integration and
    USB-port power incompatibilities, Dell laptops are not recommended.

 Apple computers:

  • Apple
    computers with an Intel-based processor natively running Windows (as detailed
    above) facilitated by Apple’s Boot Camp drive-partition utility are acceptable:
    MacBook, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, Mac Pro, Mac Mini, iMac; must meet the
    computer specifications described above for Windows; these computers may
    require a DVI to VGA adapter cable for external data display.

If you have questions concerning your specific system set up and configuration, please contact our support team at support@dialsmith.com or 1.503.225.8418 –option 3.