Perception Analyzer on ATV in Austria

Following in the footsteps of CNN and MSNBC's use of the Perception Analyzer during the on-air broadcasts of the 2008 presidential debates and for the focus group discussion of the 2010 State of the Union speech, ATV in Austria is bringing Dialsmith and the Perception Analyzer to Austria for it's on-air broadcast of the upcoming speech by President Heinz Fischer. The speech will air Sunday 18 April.

More information is available on the ATV website and here is translated text via Google Translate:

Sunday 18 April 2010, 20.15 clock

ATV My choice – The President

The focus group ATV

Can Heinz Fischer convince non-voters?

30 women and men, selected by pollster Peter Hajek, form the
ATV focus group. This randomly selected Austrians of all social levels
and ages ago to assess each set of the incumbent. This ATV first places
in European television known as the Perception Analyzer used.

This coming from U.S. technology makes it possible at any time and
in an instant approval or rejection to measure every member of the focus
group. A simple twist of the measuring wheel is enough of the
Perception Analyzer. Viewers can watch while the responses of Federal
approval or rejection of the group. The campaign is reporting, as it has
not seen in Austria.

Dialsmith is thrilled to be working with ATV and I'll post more details and a wrap-up after the speech.

UPDATE: The debate and results can be watched online.