Shout Out: Club Quarters Hotel

I don’t rave about many hotels, but one really gets it right, especially for the business traveler. If you’re unfamiliar, Club Quarters is a European chain that’s been opening hotels in major U.S. cities. When searching for a deal in Midtown Manhattan this week I came across Club Quarters opposite Rockefeller Center.

I stayed at my first Club Quarters in London last year and it was good and maybe I’m just so impressed because the one in NY offers so much more than any other hotel I’ve experienced in this price range and with this location.

The rate was great for Midtown (less than $230), there is free Wi-Fi all throughout the hotel and in all guest rooms and free computer use in the lounge. They also offer free bottled water (not one bottle when you check in and not one you can purchase for $5 or more…no, all the free bottled water you want. Seriously, you can bathe in in for all they care!).

What really blew me away was when I needed to make a photocopy and send a fax. I asked at the front desk if they could help me out and without thinking twice (and with no intention of charging me anything) they immediately made my copy, sent my fax, waited there for the confirmation, handed it to me, thanked me, and kindly requested that I have a pleasant day. That would have easily been a $10 transaction anywhere else in the area. They were also very friendly and accommodating with directions, recommendations, and whatever else I needed.

Bottom line…great hotel, great service, great amenities, great location. It takes a lot to stand out like this and they deserve some recognition and certainly my repeat business for it.