Perception Analyzer Online: Video Security

Preventing unauthorized use of survey video material is paramount. To ensure the security of client videos, Perception Analyzer Online employs the following safeguards:

  • All videos are hosted on secure servers. We use one of the leading video hosting providers in Brightcove.
  • All surveys utilize SSL, which provides authentication and encryption.

To prevent unauthorized video downloading or the copying of any material:

  • Right-click functionality is deactivated.
  • Video watermarking (as shown below) is available using user IP address, respondent IP, or a static text message.
  • Links are obfuscated with no direct link to the video in any respondent-facing screens.


Examples of Perception Analyzer Online’s watermarking feature. Fixed or floating watermarking are available using IP address, respondent ID, or a static text message.

If you have specific questions or concerns in regards to the security of your test material in the Perception Analyzer testing environment, please contact our Online Products Manager Aaron Korach.