Science of People Taps Dialsmith to Gauge Reactions to Videos

Online dial testing for Science of People

Science of People describes itself as a human behavior research lab. Its principal, Vanessa Van Edwards, is a published author, behavioral investigator and professional people watcher. But even someone as “tuned in” to people as Vanessa is, sometimes needs the help of specialty tools designed to gauge what people are thinking in-the-moment. That’s where Dialsmith comes in. Recently, Dialsmith worked with Vanessa and Science of People to apply our online dial testing tools to help them understand how their audience reacts to different types of video content. The results of this testing helped Science of People pinpoint key segments of both videos that resonated much better with their audience and allowed them to combine those moments for optimal impact. Check out the video below that describes how we did it or jump over to the Science of People blog for the article that describes the project in detail. Like Science of People, if you’ve got questions about whether your video content is hitting the mark, we’re here to help. Contact us.