Vision Critical’s Scott Miller Offers Remedy for Spam Survey Epidemic

Market Research -- surveys and consumer engagement
It’s time to realize that the sun is setting on some of the old tried-and-true tools that market researchers have relied upon for years. Case-in-point, the conventional survey, once a mainstay of market research, is quickly becoming a thing of the past. Today, consumers have so many more channels to provide feedback to and engage with brands that the conventional survey has been relegated to “spam” status in the minds and e-mailboxes of many recipients. But that hasn’t stopped brands from barraging us with surveys. In fact, they seem to be more prevalent than ever.

Vision Critical CEO Scott Miller, in this nice Q&A piece on Diginomica.com, makes a compelling argument that pretty much all conventional surveys nowadays are spam. Miller, whose company Vision Critical we’ve partnered with to capture in the moment opinions and perceptions of consumer experiences through online dial tests, does believe you can still engage consumers with the right kind of surveys and provides some real-world tested tips on how to do it.

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