Add Online Dial Testing to Your Virtual Focus Group: Video Demo

Migrate your in-person focus groups and dial groups online.

It’s happening to all of us. Research projects being cancelled or delayed. In 2020, in-person research is on hold indefinitely. Migrating your qual research online delivers the same deep insights and is a fast-turn option.

In this demo, you will see a virtual focus group setting. See the respondent experience as they dial test media online. Then watch the ‘back room’ client experience as the live data is collected and displayed. (~ 5 min)

What is included in an Online Dial Testing project?

✓ Test any recorded media, moment-by-moment

✓ Survey programming and hosting

✓ Technical support for integrating with other qual services

✓ Reporting portal gives you real-time access to your survey and media rating data

✓ Project management- recruiting, sample procurement, invitation emails

Want more details? Drop us a line and we will be happy to discuss the options with you.