[From GreenBook Blog] Storytelling: New Science Is Enriching An Ancient Art

storytelling courtesy of GreenBook blog Image courtesy of GreenBook blog

If you haven’t seen it, we suggest you check out this GreenBook Blog post by Dialsmith’s very own David Paull on the cross-section between storytelling and market research. David opines about what makes an effective story and why storytelling has renewed and growing interest in the market research community. It’s an interesting angle on a topic market researchers seem pretty jazzed about. Per David:

In a well-communicated story, there is a connection, and at the heart of storytelling is a two-way interaction. While one side is more active (that of the story-teller) and the other side is more passive (that of the story-receiver), there is still an interaction that is connecting both sides and it’s that interaction that’s so unique to effective storytelling. But, what makes for a well-communicated story and how do our interactions differ between stories told verbally versus stories told through written word or graphics?

What are your thoughts on David’s post and how do you think storytelling fits into market research? Give us your comments.

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