Perception Analyzer

What I hear over and over again from clients is that they like the Perception Analyzer because all the participants seem much more engaged and the insights provided are much richer.

Renee Cameron
global account director | The Optimization Group

Used in more than 45 countries around the world by some of the most recognized brands and organizations, the Perception Analyzer® is the gold standard dial testing research solution for focus groups, in-depth interviews (IDIs) and other live research sessions. The portable system can be set up in virtually any testing environment and can be used to test groups from 10 (or less) to 100 (or more).

Perception Analyzer 9.0 + 9.0 Media

Dialsmith’s latest versions of Perception Analyzer–PA 9.0 and PA 9.0 Media—have fully modernized our dial testing research solution with support for the latest operating systems and high-resolution displays. The upgrade also adds key enhancements to output high quality, moment-to-moment overlays and export data faster and easier.

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Collect Real Time Feedback on All Kinds of Research Question Types

The Perception Analyzer is best known for it’s ability to gather continuous, in-the-moment feedback, but it is also an effective tool for collecting individualized response to a variety of research question types while facilitating an engaging, interactive environment for participants.

Supported question types include these and many more:

  • Discrete choice | Categorical
  • Intensity scale | Attitudinal
  • Trade-offs | Conjoint
  • Moment-to-moment

Your project objectives and analytical requirements drive which question types to use, what the questions should be and when to ask them. Our team can help during this project design phase. Then, if needed, we can program the system for your study or event and support your team on-site.

Here’s How Perception Analyzer Works

Questions and test media are programmed into the Perception Analyzer in advance. The system is flexible enough to allow you to add and modify questions on-the-fly during your sessions, so you can quickly adapt based on real-time feedback.

The Perception Analyzer dials give research participants the ability to individually answer each question and rate each media clip while also offering greater privacy to answer even the most private questions. This enables you to gather more accurate data and greatly reduce the impact of group dynamics.

The combination of the easy-to-use dials and powerful Perception Analyzer software simplifies and accelerates your data collection, making it easier to engage participants and allowing you to get started on analysis and report-writing as quickly as within minutes of the end of a session.

Perception Analyzer Components

The Perception Analyzer system includes:

  • Intuitive, hand-held dials so participants can privately respond to questions and keep their focus on the testing material
  • Software to program the system, capture individual responses and analyze data
  • Wireless receiver and other audio visual components to communicate with the dials and display both stimulus and results

The privacy and immediacy of the dials allow research participants to answer more honestly and minimizes the impact of groupthink. With results immediately available, you can respond quickly to adapt new strategies, guide group discussions and explore new ideas. And the software is flexible enough to allow real-time analysis and/or export data to your analytic software of choice.

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You won’t find any team more knowledgeable and passionate about dial testing than Dialsmith. Whether you’re in the market to purchase a Perception Analyzer system to run yourself or would like to tap into our expertise for consultation, equipment and on-site support, we can help. CONTACT US and we’ll get things rolling.

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