In-Person Research: Focus Groups

The Perception Analyzer captures that visceral reaction as it happens, allowing researchers to understand what’s working and what’s not on a second-by-second basis.

Aaron Paquette
EVP of Media and Entertainment | Vision Critical

Eliminate groupthink, quantitatively validate a concept, drive deeper and richer group discussions, and combat recall-based errors. To help in those areas and many more, the Perception Analyzer plays a critical role in dial testing focus groups, in-depth interviews (IDIs) and other live research sessions. The portable system can be set up in virtually any testing environment and can be used to test groups from 10 (or less) to 100 (or more).

With Perception Analyzer:

  • Find moments of truth
    Gather moment-to-moment feedback on TV programming, audio clips, ads, presentations, legal arguments and more
  • Reduce recall and memory bias errors 
    Reduce the impact of recall-based errors and post-stimulus interference
  • Eliminate groupthink
    Access individual opinions and perceptions in group settings, eliminating groupthink and
    outside biases
  • Test multiple concepts
    Efficiently test multiple concepts to gather more data in less time
  • Inject quant into your qual environment
    Use real-time, visceral feedback to adapt on-the-fly and quickly establish data-backed strategies
  • Get richer qual results
    Facilitate richer, more meaningful group discussions and interviews

Perception Analyzer Dial Testing Offers Flexibility

For in-person research sessions, the Perception Analyzer is the ideal tool for capturing instant quantitative feedback and using those findings to drive deeper discussions. The sweet spot for Perception Analyzer dial testing is its unique ability to capture a range of opinions—continuously and individually—as your participants are watching, listening and experiencing. In addition, the Perception Analyzer is highly effective for gathering individual responses to traditional question formats including discrete choice/categorical, intensity scale/attitudinal and trade-off/conjoint exercises in a live research group setting.

The Perception Analyzer is used worldwide to test:

  • Products, brands and concepts
  • Television and radio content and format
  • Advertising, infomercials and sales presentations
  • Political speeches and debates
  • Political issues and public policy messaging
  • Litigation presentations, arguments and jury opinions
  • Validity of academic research

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