3 Must-Haves for Online TV & Film Testing

dwayne johnson screen test jason statham screen test fast & furious3 Must-Haves for Online TV & Film Testing

For decades, in-person dial testing has been a media researcher’s mainstay for evaluating movies, trailers, television programming and on-air talent. But, with the recent pivot to online research, do researchers have to ditch their go-to methods? 

Spring is the season of decisions: Does this pilot fly? Casting changes needed? Which trailer is the winner? Online TV and film testing – with dial groups or focus groups- is just as effective as in-person. And can be a real time-saver as well. There are just a few ‘gotcha’ considerations that you need to keep in mind.

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1) SECURITY – This is a ‘get what you pay for’ situation. Do not skimp here.

  • Free services can be lax on security.
  • ‘Proprietary’ platforms are not the same as ‘secure’. And because of their “black box” nature, there is no way to validate.
  • This is why we use the same conferencing platform as The Pentagon and the Department of Defense.
  • Going to the next level, we are documented for FedRamp security and HIPAA compliance.

2) CONTENT PROTECTION –  “How can we ensure that our content will remain secure?”

Related to the above security question- this is no place to skimp. It is imperative to keep your testing stimuli under wraps.

    1. We host media on a Tier-1 CDN (content delivery network) that meets all industry standard security protocols.
    2. Copy functionality and access to the source is disabled.
    3. Media is watermarked with an image, word or respondent’s IP information for complete traceability.

3) STAKEHOLDER ENGAGEMENT – ” We love the backroom experience,” is something we hear all the time.

We know this is an important part of the process. To replicate this experience, we use a virtual “backroom”.  This way, the moderator and client can observe the group interactions and dial testing results together. We also make sure clients have an easy way to real-time chat with their moderator and each other. We can even do break out sessions so the moderator can dive deep with a particular subset.

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