60 Minutes Taps Frank Luntz and Dial Testing to Gauge Mood of the Nation on Election Eve

60 Minutes Frank Luntz dial testing
On the eve of the presidential election, 60 Minutes ran a fascinating segment delving into the mood and sentiment of the nation in the last days before the election. The segment featured an interview with well-known pollster Frank Luntz and results from a dial testing focus group Luntz conducted using our Perception Analyzer dial technology. Dial testing was used during this segment to illustrate the negative reaction to key political moments by voters across the spectrum.

The Perception Analyzer dials are the method of choice by Luntz and others to gauge real-time sentiment and reaction to speeches, messages, advertisements, TV programming and more.

You can view the full segment here.

60 Minutes Frank Luntz dial testing  60 Minutes Frank Luntz dial testing

Images courtesy of CBS and 60 Minutes.