Audience Polling by Dialsmith Featured in WorkingNation Town Hall

WorkingNation Town Hall dial test
Recently, WorkingNation and The Wharton Customer Analytics Initiative (WCAI) hosted a town hall to discuss strategies to help close the “skills gap” in the fields of data and analytics. Their objective, according to Theresa Collington, WorkingNation director of audience development and digital, was to, “Bring together the ‘movers and shakers’ when it comes to the future of the data and analytics fields, and expose them to each other and to an audience, to identify the issues and common ground that we can come together on to make a difference in the future of this industry.”

The town hall was held in front of a live audience and streamed live via YouTube and Facebook. A key component of the town hall was to give the live audience the opportunity to weigh in on key topics discussed by the town hall’s esteemed panel. This was done through real-time polling of the live audience using Dialsmith’s Perception Analyzer dials. Given the topic, the panelists, and the audience for this event (all data and analytics related), there was little margin for error with regard to the live polling experience.

WorkingNation Town Hall audience
Collington added, “The (live polling) dial technology from Dialsmith was right on point. We were able to gather feedback from a hundred audience members, show results in real-time, and incorporate the results into our discussion with our panelists.”

“We were really happy with the way the technology worked. Now, we have a good sense of what’s involved in the production, so we’ve been talking about what kind of questions and type of issues we want to use the technology to help us address going forward. We’re looking into ways to leverage the tech to dive into some vibrant issues and conversations that are more polarizing… where the live polling results may surprise everyone. So, we’re excited to take it a level up.”

Check out these highlights of the live polling dials in action at the WorkingNation town hall. To watch the full town hall, visit here.