Creating Customer Connections Thru Visual Storytelling

zappos visual storytelling

(Image courtesy of the BufferSocial blog)

If you’ve been following our blog, you’ve noticed that we’ve been covering different angles on the topic of storytelling recently, including wrapping this interesting Q&A with Market Strategy’s Derrak Richard on data visualization and storytelling. On the heels of that post, we came across this interesting Buffer blog post about visual storytelling with Facebook images.

The post shares ten strategies for telling your brand’s story using visuals with amazing examples from companies who are “killing it” using visuals to connect and engage with their customers on Facebook.

Why are visuals so effective at telling brand stories? Per the post, visuals create more of an emotional impression that accompanies the message you’re conveying. They help customers visualize your brand’s key values, which makes them want to form a connection with your company.

Two takeaways of note from this post in regards to visuals and storytelling:

    1. Visuals create more personal connections with customers by building a sense of community
    2. This, in turn, boosts engagement with your brand by encouraging your customers to interact by sharing their own visuals

Good points for sure, but as we heard from our Data Visualization Q&A with Derrak, visuals are only as effective as the story behind them, and that’s where market research comes in—ensuring your story and those accompanying visuals resonate with your audience.

Taking your brand’s storytelling to the next level to really connect with your customers involves that crucial visual component. What types of imagery does your company use, and how does this help you build a connection with your audience? We invite your comments below.