Luntz and the Perception Analyzer Dialed In for Next Big Political Season

Candidates, start your engines! Last night unofficially marked the kickoff to the next big national political season with the first televised presidential primary debate. As the case has been for the past decade, the Perception Analyzer dials were hard at work as Fox/CBS political polling guru Frank Luntz captured the in-the-moment voter opinions on which Republican candidates swam, which sank and which were just treading water.

luntzfox political(Image courtesy of Fox News)

The dial testing and feedback lines again revealed some powerful insights and drove some attention-grabbing news coverage both on Fox News and CBS. For those that missed it, here’s a clip of Frank delving into the dial-testing results from Fox News’ Kelly File last night.

In the video below, be sure to check out the point where Frank notes one candidate hitting a perfect 100 on the dial lines. Something very rare, indeed.