Dialsmith Discoveries | What’s America’s Favorite Thanksgiving Pie?


America's Favorite Thanksgiving Pie

Pie and Thanksgiving… they go together like, well… like apple and pie. And this time of year, especially here in the States, there’s a whole lot of attention being paid to both–I mean c’mon, we’re talking about two huge slices of Americana here. So, while we here at Dialsmith, make no claims to be expert Pie-cologists, we were curious to find out which of America’s classic Thanksgiving pies rises to the top.

Dialsmith Discoveries

Before we feast on our pie results though, a bit of table setting… this is the first of what will be many appetizing features from a new research series we’re kicking off called, “Dialsmith Discoveries.” Each new Discovery will try to answer a timely (but not-so-serious) question that has befuddled humanity for years–or perhaps hours. We’ll do so by putting our own tech to the test, using the unique survey and dial testing capabilities of Perception Analyzer Online to reach deep into the psyches of consumer minds and uncover some unique and potentially unsettling discoveries.

Slicing Up the Results of our Thanksgiving Pie Dial Test and Survey

And so, to begin… we’ll buck tradition and start with dessert. What’s America’s favorite Thanksgiving pie?

We surveyed 250 Americans from all corners of the country and across all age groups and demographics. We asked our group to answer a series of multiple- and discreet-choice questions and then view and rate a video of a guy eating pie. Yes, you read that right… we had participants view a guy eating a slice of each of the Thanksgiving classic pies we tested (pumpkin, apple, pecan and chocolate cream) and rate how much they liked the pie he was eating on a scale of 0 – 100. Here’s a healthy serving of what we discovered:

Sorry Pumpkin… Apple Pie Reigns Supreme on Thanksgiving

Surprising to some, pumpkin is NOT America’s favorite Thanksgiving pie—the crown goes to apple pie (Hey pumpkin, how’s that for a dose of humble pie?)

Turns out that nothing really is as American (and as Thanksgiving) as….apple pie. And here’s the proof from our general poll where apple creamed the competition:

America's Favorite Thanksgiving Pie

Boomers are Sweet on Apple

Apple pie scored well with all the age groups we surveyed but Boomers (depicted by the green line in the dial test results below) loved themselves a slice of apple pie even more than Gen X-ers or Millennials. These results mirrored what we saw in the survey where Boomers selected apple pie as their favorite by the widest margin (46% apple; 20% pumpkin; 18% pecan; and 16% chocolate cream).

America's Favorite Thanksgiving Pie - Apple Pie by Age Group

Guy eating pie dial testing results by age group.

Southerners are Nuts over Pecan

It was really interesting to slice the results by region. What stood out was that Southerners were way more into pecan pie than those in the rest of the country–as the chart below shows (side note: when we combined region and age group, we saw that Southern Millennials do not share the same opinion of pecan pie that their seniors do with only 8% selecting it as their favorite–maybe it’s an acquired taste?)

Pecan or Not to Pecan. It’s Not Even a Question.

Unlike other pie people, pecan pie people are either love it (pecan) or leave it (every other pie). As you can see in our dial test chart below, pecan peeps peaked only for pecan (now say that 10 times fast).

Me Gusta La Crema de Chocolate

When we broke down our results by ethnicity, the one thing that stood out was that Hispanics/latinos are big on chocolate cream pie. They were the only ethnic group to let the cream rise to the top (as depicted by the green line in the dial test below).

Guy eating pie dial testing results by ethnicity.


Hey, this was fun. If you’re not full of our pie results yet, here’s the full-length Guy Eating Pie dial test by region if you want to watch. We’ll be back soon with our next Dialsmith Discoveries so keep an eye out!

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