Dialsmith Lets the (Lay’s) Chips Fall with New Research Findings

[Updated May 7, 2013]

We have an official winner folks. In a slight upset (especially based off of the Dialsmith testing experience), Lays announced their official “Do Us a Flavor” Contest winner. Watch and drool people.


Friday is typically a horrible time to make any big public announcement but certain news just lends itself to the more relaxed weekend slate. That goes threefold for America’s favorite pastime — eating snack food.

That being the case, Dialsmith is casting all its chips into the pot and announcing the findings of its very own self-commissioned research study. And you may find the results quite tasty. Or not.

We just finished conducting our own non-scientific (but filling) taste test of Lay’s three outlandish potato chip flavors that the company is promoting in its national Do Us a Flavor™ campaign.

The three flavors (as seen here) include: Cheesy Garlic Bread, Chicken & Waffles (which really should be spelled “Chick-N-Waffles”), and Sriracha. Unfortunately, the Pickled Herring flavor just missed the cut. Anywho, our own internal focus group made up of what can only be described as “expert chip evaluators” has unanamously ranked their flavor preference as follows:

1) Sriracha
Comments: “Reminds me of the bottles of stuff we go through at home.” “Makes me feel like I’m vacationing in the Far East.”

2) Cheesy Garlic Bread
Comments: “Leaves that taste in your mouth like you just had Pizza Hut delivery.” “Strong, cheesy flavour!”

3) Chicken & Waffles
Comments: “Tastes like chicken. Uh not.” “Fun idea, but has nothing more than the scent of maple syrup.” “Sweet lord, please kill me.”

Glad to say that all focus group members were richly rewarded for their participation except for those who tried mixing all the chips together at once. They’re still recovering. If you’ve had the pleasure to sample any of these flavors yourself, feel free to chip in a comment or two.

And Lay’s if you’re out there, give us a call. You may want to dial test the next round of flavors before releasing them out into the world.