Financial Services Client Finds that Dialsmith Delivers More than Dials

Through our partner network, Dialsmith handpicked a research and communications consulting firm that had the right resources and experience with Perception Analyzer focus groups to meet the client’s project goals.

Dialsmith was approached by a financial services company that was interested in using the Perception Analyzer dials for brand and message testing. After discussing their project objectives, we concluded that they needed a broader range of market research and strategic communications consulting services. So, we reached into our partner network and handpicked Greenberg Quinlan Rosner Research (GQR), a research and strategy firm that had the right mix of expertise, resources and fluency with the Perception Analyzer to deliver the goods for this specific client.

To get more insight on how this partnership between Dialsmith and GQR worked and the results that came of it, I sat down with the key players: GQR Senior Associate John Garrett, GQR Analyst Phil Zakahi and Dialsmith CEO David Paull.

Q: How did GQR get involved in this project?
John (GQR): The client’s initial interest was in the Perception Analyzer technology and how they could sharpen their communications using dial groups. But Dialsmith quickly identified that the client wanted and needed something deeper and more strategic. Dialsmith came to us for our experience using qualitative research—and in particular dial groups—to generate strategic insights and actionable recommendations based on the research. We have a lot of experience doing dial groups together and have partnered successfully on similar projects.

Q: From the Dialsmith side, how were you able to identify the right resource for what this client needed?
David (Dialsmith):
Over the years, we’ve built very good relationships with a wide range of research partners. In this instance, our track record with GQR and their core strategic consulting expertise made perfect sense for what this client needed.

Q: Did GQR differ in its approach with this client since you were brought into the relationship by Dialsmith?
John (GQR):
A little bit. The client was already bought in to the dial technology. The dials offer a finer tool that can deliver data with more precision and more speed, so we wanted to take advantage of the strengths of the Perception Analyzer dial testing and make it the centerpiece. But the dials do more than just answer questions about specific language and message. It’s amazing how much you can draw from the data they provide—about emotion and tone, about how to approach sensitive issues, about very big picture concepts. And they wanted that, too, so we worked to build that into the dial testing.

Q: What were some of the key takeaways that you were able to uncover for this client from the Perception Analyzer data?
Phil (GQR):
The technology was critical. The client wanted to dial test everything, which gave us a whole host of rich information that we could draw from to determine not just the words that were working, but a strategic picture of what sorts of topics were working. Through the dials, we could see that every time the respondents saw or heard something reassuring, the reaction was uniformly positive. Other messages we tested had much less of an impact, typically flat-lining or barely moving the dials.

Additionally, we worked with the client to bring in their sales team to go through the same testing that we went through with their consumers. So, we were able to compare their internal feedback to what we saw from their external responders. The big takeaway from that was just how different some of their people were responding and reacting to the same questions and same issues. Their sales team found it enlightening and it spurred discussions around how they might change their approach.

Q: To conclude, how would you sum up what this partnership was able to deliver for the client?
John (GQR):
We were able to come in and, based off of the rich information from the dials, provide the client with strategic guidance on how to effectively package their message—which words and which phrases would most effectively resonate with their customers—and where to focus their communications efforts.

David (Dialsmith): Our research services group is all about matching our various technologies with the right partners. Sometimes research firms come to us directly and other times, like in this case, it’s the end-client that wants our help putting the whole project together. Thanks to strong relationships, like this one with GQR, we were able to bring in the perfect partner to deliver the optimum, full-service solution for this client.

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