Engagious Podcast: Golden Huang, Decoding Visuals & the Science of Semiotics

My guest for this episode engages with what is arguably now the largest consumer market in the world—China. Golden Huang is the client manager for The Silk Initiative, an Asia-based food and beverage (F&B) brand consultancy headquartered in Shanghai. Golden has been conducting market research in China for over a decade with a deep knowledge of Chinese youth culture. If you have an interest in the Chinese consumer market, this episode is must-listen for you.

In our conversation, Golden and I discuss:

02:30  The definition of Semiotics and how he uses it

07:30  Marketing to the youth culture in China

10:30  Advice for Western brands wanting to enter the Chinese market

12:30  Three emerging food and beverage trends in China

14:30  Why Pink Diamond ice cream is a hit with Chinese youth

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If you have any comments or suggestions on who would be great for us to talk with in future episodes, please leave a comment below. We’d love to hear from you. Until next time, #BeEngagious.